Fit 4ver - Young 4ever - Healthy Life Style Program.
Our Programs are based on our friends experiences
Fitness Professionals - Champions - Dr.s and Professors.
Dr. Linus Pauling 2 times Nobel prized professor and researcher.
Dr. Paul Clayton Oxford Professor, advisor for UK Royalty, researcher scientist.
We are sharing our secrets with you for FREE.
We are 42 and 52 Look fit, feel good, blood testied super healthy.
James Omega6:3 Balance Ratio is 3:1, 11 Fatty Acids are good almost perfect.
Omega6:3 Balance Ratio 3:1 is a perfect number very few people have it.

$ James ZBetti Fit 4everx

FREE Basic Program -
1 on 1 - 15 minutes First Time consultation.
10 minutes 1/month phone calls for 4 months
Creating Monthly FIT program that fits for you.
Assisting your daily activities.
Sharing secret superfood supplements.
Reviewing the body basic needs to build the health.
FREE online recorded trainings
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Healthy Life Style secrets
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Email coaching. 1/week. Extra live coaching is available.
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Your Health Your Life: Driven by your immune system, including killing virus, bacterias, cancer cells.