dr linus paulinc - two times nobel, prize winner

LIFE CODE by Nobel Prized Professor Dr. Linus Pauling

Our Master   Dr. Linus Pauling two times Nobel Prized Professor Statement: You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment  to a mineral deficiency. As words - trace element are #1 you need !  Trace Elements Micro and Macro Elements, Minerals.

ZJ Bernadett Fejszes

Bernadett Fejszes

International ZUMBA Presenter, ZJ . Fitness coach. Group FITNESS Instructor. She started Fitness early as she was 5 years old.

ZUMBA Jammer, Teaching Continuing education for ZUMBA Instructors over 22 countries.

Personal Training , Fitness,  Dance and ZUMBA  561-572-1010


Spartan James

Blackbelt Martial Artist - Shotokan, Muay  Thai, Kick-boxing, Fitness Instructor. Started Fitness as early as 5 years old. Honorary Shaman /Machu Picchu/

 Teen Triathlon County Champion.  Rowing Regatta Junior world champion. Kick-boxing County champion. Karate Kumite World Champion Silver Medal in Las Vegas - SKIFF

Coaching - Training 954-588-3311

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